Wednesday, February 14, 2007

1: The soul of Jesus rests with the other prophets

Narrated by Malik bin Sasaa that the Holy Prophetsaw said: “while I was lying in the Kaaba ... and Gabriel set out with me till we reached the nearest heaven ... I saw Adam there. Gabriel said to me, ‘This is your father, Adam; pay him your greetings.’ So I greeted him and he returned the greeting to me and said, ‘You are welcomed, O' pious son and pious Prophetsaw.’ Then Gabriel ascended with me till we reached the second heaven... there I saw John and Jesus who were cousins to each other. Gabriel said to me, ‘These are John and Jesus; pay them your greetings.’ So I greeted them and both of them returned my greetings and said, ‘You are welcomed, O' pious brother and pious Prophetsaw...” (Saheeh Bukhari - Chapter Mairaj)

This tradition taken from Bukhari describes the Holy Prophetsaw meeting Jesus and other prophets on his spiritual journey variously known as the Mairaj and Isra. He finds Jesus among the other prophets, which shows that they all shared a common state and a common fate. The living and the dead do not intermix, therefore his abode could only be together with the earlier prophets if he had also died like them.

Imam Hasanra describes Hazrat Alira dying on the same night as when Jesus' soul was raised, which was the 27th of Ramadan.1

Ibn-e-Qayyam writes that the souls of other prophets were raised to their appointed heavenly stations only after their demise, whereas, exceptionally, the Holy Prophet's soul experienced the Mairaj.2

Datta Ganj Baksh Hajverira said the Holy Prophetsaw indeed met with the souls of Adam, Joseph, Moses, Aaron, Jesus and Abraham on the night of the Mairaj.3

The mairaj tradition clearly establishes that it was the soul of Jesus and not his body which went through ascension (raf'a). Like other prophets he has also entered the Paradise from where no one is removed once admitted.

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Affan said...

Do you have proof that Allah cannot ascend a man with causing him to die? And by this you are trying to prove that Allah is not all mighty and powerful..

Think over it..

Asif said...

f Allah so willed he could certainly physically raise a person to any arbitrary altitude. That is not the question. The question is whether Allah does it in practice. See 17:94
for quranic verdict on this matter.

Abdul said...

Allah is the Omnipotent, All Powerful. But He does not go against His eternal rules. And one of those rules is the dead shall not return to this earth second time. Kindly see Sura Yaasin verse 32 and other relevant verses. Once it is proved from the Quran and Hadith that Hazrat Isa(as) has died a natural death then there is no physical return possible.

Anonymous said...

Mouji shah is gr8 ........wht ever ya pplz sy

Anonymous said...

Please contribute some islami stuff on this site's discussion forum .........


mdwajidbhai said...

you mis understood the quranic versus, no body is going to come as prophet except hazrat EESA a.s., but he will come as follower of prophet Muhammad Salla ho alaihe wasallam.

Jason said...

Dear Asif

You based your case on Hadiths, which authentication is questionable ! so if these Hadiths were false, then are you ready to accept the claim of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad false as well ?

Mohammad Oomaar said...

One should think twice before criticising the views of the Ahmadi muslims.Our point is not to prove that the messiah and Mahdi has come. Those who opposed this community should ponder on the facts that they are directly opposing the sayings of Hazrat Mohammad (saw). Do you think that Hazrat Mohammad (saw) is a liar? (Naouzobillah...)He has prophesised that the messiah and mehdi would appeared at an appointed time. You all should try to find out the appointed time instead of following blindly the so called moullahs whose objectives are to destroy the image of this pure religion. Anyhow, the Holy prophet (saw) did prophesised that a time will come where the worst creatures on earth would be the moullahs. I doubt if they have told the muslims oumah about this hadith! Dear brothers follow the steps of the Holy prophet (saw)and read the Quran yourself and ponder over its meaning. Chapter 26 verses 174/175 of the Quran says: 'And We rained upon them a rain; and evil was the rain that ascended upon those who were warned. In that verily there is a Sign, but most of these would not believe.'
Think over it! We still have in mind how a deadly rain caused destruction and despair among the people of Pakistan, the country which started the wildest campaign again the Ahmadis. Allah is The Mighty and the Merciful.
Brothers do follow th teachings of the Holy Quran and not the teacings of the Moullahs becuse they dont have any Islamic teachings.