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10: The 73 Sects

Abu Hurraira relates: I heard Allah's Apostle, peace and blessing of Allah be upon him, say, “Jews got divided into 71 or 72 sects and so did the Christians, and so it will happen to my people as well when they will be divided into 73 sects.”

This tradition can be found in the collections of Tirmidhī and Ibn Mājah. Imam al-Hakim calls it authentic and also adjudges it to be so on the criteria established by Imam Muslim. It is accepted as such by Sunnis as well as Shias.

Here the Holy Prophet compares the internal division of the latter day Muslims to the divisions among the Jews. In another narration he describes the similarity between the two people as two shoes from the same pair. Also, where he likens a part of his ummah to the Jews, he calls some others among them to have the messianic qualities of Jesus. Among the seventy three sects he calls one to be rightly-guided and makes it the duty of every Muslim to search for and identify that seventy third. Its distinguishing feature: , “they would be on the path and pattern of me and my companions.”

In another hadith he provides a distinction between the seventy two ‘hell-bound’ sects to the seventy third ‘safe’ sect calling it a jama'at, which means a united community. Clearly such a community cannot be conceived without the notion of an imam—a leader. When Huzaifa asked the Holy Prophet as to what are they to do in such times, he said, “join the community of Muslims which is led by an imam, and if you find no such community then detach yourself from the sects and stay detached even if you need to survive by eating roots of trees until death overtakes you.”

Another tradition states that in the time of schisms and divisions if you find a khalifa of God then attach yourself firmly to him even if you are tortured or are made to lose your belongings.

Today Muslims are divided into multitudinous sect, by various estimates the count of 72 sects was reached a long time ago and now has perhaps been exceeded. Nearly every sect lays claims to being the 73rd heaven-bound sect and, by implication, considers all others destined for the Fire. Who could blame them, this trophy remains the most coveted one. As it happens, each of these sects calls the others kafir, which is expected, yet in one matter they are curiously united. They have taken a united position against one particular community of Muslims. Seventy-two have grouped together declaring themselves heavenly while declaring the Ahmadiyya Jama'at as non-Muslim, in other words hell-bound. They forget that the Holy Prophet's verdict was exactly the opposite, he said 72 hell-bound and one heavenly, while they say one hell-bound and seventy-two heavenly! The fact is that they are in a trap now because if they are together among the 72, none of them can possibly be the 73rd. In this act of theirs, ironically, they put a seal on the identity of the seventy-third.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Asif Omar,
Being a Qadiani you have no right to play around Islamic matters. As you have alfready beein pointed out by variuos people you are as dumb as a log. You do not know Arabic and dare to translate the Quran, which you should not be touching at the first place, being a Non-Muslim. Do not advance your theory and mis-guide people.

bolobeh said...

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(i'm muslim )

Anonymous said...

Alhamdolillah, may Allah reward you brother Asif. The anynomous comment is absurd, he claims that we are not Muslims, who gave him the right to decide over people? dear anonymous brother, do you agree on everything your 72-hellbounded sects tell you? i can tell you with certainty, that we Ahmadi Muslims, are the Muslims Muhammad Mustafa SAAW foretold about, we are the righteous people of Allah, the only one to accept the Promised Messiah/Imam mahdi(as). May Allah guide you, your family, and every other human being who is searching for the truth, to the right path.

Anonymous said...

Ahmadiyya itself is divided with many leaders. Check this out :

Where is your unity ?

Anonymous said...

Answer to this is simple

Even Rashid Khalifah, Elijah Muhammad Bahaullah, Bab, Gohar shahis are also being declares false claimant.

and the 73 group is those who follow Prophet (PUBH) and his companions.

Not Mirza Ghulam and his Sons.

and they didnt believe in prophet name mirza ghulam or second messiah

Anonymous said...

how u know Mirza Mahmud, Masroor, tahir nasir were KHALIFAH's of GOD?

plus Prophet (PUBH) cleared who is saved group
those who follow Prophet (PUBH) and his companions
but you are following Mirza Ghulam and Sons

Anonymous said...

Dear Brothers and Sisters, please read with a humble and open heart.

بِسْمِ اللَّـهِ الرَّحْمَـٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

(In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful)

‘Holy Quran’ and ‘Holy Prophet’ in Islam

In Christianity, there are terms such as Holy Father, Holy Son, Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost and Holy Bible. Muslims do not have anything in Islam called as The Holy Quran and The Holy Prophet. Yet, the term Holy Quran and Holy Prophet is commonly and widely used. We have to use the right words to describe The Quran and Prophet Muhammad SAW according to The Quran itself and Hadith.

Earlier in The Glorious Quran, Allah SWT says:

The month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Quran, a guidance for mankind and clear proofs for the guidance and the criterion (between right and wrong). [Al-Quran 2:185]

‘Holy’ in Arabic means ‘muqaddas’ (مقدس). There is no verse in The Noble Quran or in Hadith that says ‘Al-Quranum-Muqaddas’ (The Holy Quran) and ‘Ar-Rasulan-Nabiyyam-Muqaddas’ (The Messenger, The Holy Prophet). Allah SWT shortly describes The Quran as:

‘Quranun-Karim’ (Noble Quran) [Al-Quran 56:77]

‘Al-Quranil-Majid’ (The Glorious Quran) [Al-Quran 50:1]

‘Al-Qurani-zi-Zikr’ (The Quran Full of Reminder) [Al-Quran 38:1]

‘Quranun-Mubin’ (Clear Quran) [Al-Quran 36:69]

‘Al-Quranil-Hakim’ (The Wise Quran) [Al-Quran 36:2]

‘Al-Quranal-‘Adzim’ (The Great Quran) [Al-Quran 15:87]

Surah (Chapter) 47, titled Muhammad, second verse is translated as:

And those who believe and do righteous deeds and believe in what has been sent down upon Muhammad - and it is the truth from their Lord - He will remove from them their misdeeds and amend their condition. [Al-Quran 47:2]

Short description of Prophet Muhammad SAW in The Noble Quran:

‘Ar-Rasulan-Nabiyyal-Umiyya’ (The Messenger, The Unlettered Prophet) [Al-Quran 7:157]

‘Khataman-Nabiyyina’ (Seal of The Prophets) [Al-Quran 33:40]

‘Ahmad’ (Highly Praised) [Al-Quran 61:6]

‘hakim’ (Judge) [Al-Quran 4:65, 24:51]

‘rasulin-karim’ (Noble Messenger) [Al-Quran 69:40]

‘raufur-rahim’ (Kind and Merciful) [Al-Quran 9:128]

‘Muhammadur-Rasulullah’ (Muhammad, The Messenger of Allah) [Al-Quran 48:29]

‘Abdullah’ (Slave of Allah) [Al-Quran 72:19]

‘muzakkirun’ (Reminder) [Al-Quran 88:21]

‘sirajan-muniran’ (Illuminating Lamp) [Al-Quran 33:46]

‘nazirun-mubin’ (Clear Warner) [Al-Quran 7:184]

‘basharun’ (Man) [Al-Quran 18:110]

‘rahmatal-lil’alamin’ (Mercy for all the worlds) [Al-Quran 21:107]

‘shahidan wa mubashiran wa naziran’ (Witness, Bearer of Glad Tidings and Warner) [Al-Quran 33:45]

‘nurun’ (Light) [Al-Quran 5:15]

‘burhanun’ (Convincing Proof) [Al-Quran 4:174]

‘uswatun hasanatun’ (Good Example) [Al-Quran 33:21]

So if someone ask what is the holy book of a Muslim? Say it is The Noble Quran. This makes Al-Quran stands up in its own position. We do not have the authority to name it, call it or give it the title 'The Holy Quran' since Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad SAW never used that term either.

Please share with fellow Brothers and Sisters. May Allah SWT grant us understanding and guide us all. Amin Ya Rabbal ‘Alamin.

Wallahu ‘Alam (Allah SWT Knows Best)